Perfection Does Not Exist, Nor is it a Good Companion

Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? If so, I recommend that you work on it and correct it little by little. That because? The first reason, because perfection does not exist, so seeking perfection doesn’t do you any good. Being a perfectionist is chasing the impossible.

chasing perfectionIt does not favor you at all. Moreover, surely, because of that, you are being much less productive than you could be. And with more reason if you work from home and you are the one who decides what you do at all times.

You must be very clear that perfection does not exist. Yes, you read that right, I am aware that I have already told you, but I want it to be clear to you: perfection does not exist. We will analyze the term well and you will see why I am right.

“Perfection is often confused with happiness, and that undoubtedly leads to unhappiness”

What does the term "perfect" mean?

perfect workAccording to the RAE, that something is perfect means that it has the maximum degree of a certain quality or defect. But … where is the maximum grade? Surely what you consider the maximum degree may not be the same as what I consider.

Each person is one, we are all different. Your perception is not the same as mine, or your tastes, or your thinking, or your reasoning… Then, your assessment will not be the same as mine. Therefore, what you consider perfect may not be so.

So, achieving perfection is very subjective. In addition, I am of the opinion that everything is always improvable, hence, for me, perfection does not exist. I consider that something can be fine, very good, great, good enough …but not perfect.

But calm, the claim that perfection does not exist has no negative connotation, vice versa. As the great Franck Scipion always says Better always done than perfect”.

It is not necessary to seek perfection, much less recommended. In fact, perfectionists tend to be unproductive. People who work for perfection waste time on tasks that are not relevant, on tasks that are not generating any benefit. So…what’s the point of doing these tasks?

Why are you looking for perfection?

Today, it seems that you cannot become happy if you do not have the perfect job, the perfect family, the perfect car, the perfect body …perfect life You tend to seek perfection in all areas of your life. It seems to be the Holy Grail in which many focus their lives.

Worst of all, this quest for perfection becomes an eternal frustration. The reason? Very simple, looking for something perfect leads you to work in that direction. So far, good. But when you achieve your goal, you realize that something is still missing to be perfect.

Then, you set another goal again. So you never become happy since perfection does not exist, therefore it is unattainable.

In most cases, those who seek perfection, focus all their attention on the objective, but forget to enjoy the path. Setting goals is fine, moreover, it is very necessary. However, your happiness can not depend only on achieving the objectives and even less when you seek to achieve a perfect goal, it is a goal that does not exist.

Doing an excellent, valid, & good job implies that you’re paying special attention to what you are doing.

Perfection vs. Excellence

I love a job well done. I am of the opinion that “if something is done, it is done well; if not, it’s better not to do it“. I love things well done, with love, with passion, with dedication, and with essence.

That is why I think I could not write this article leaving excellence aside. From my point of view, excellence is the term is brought to the issue.

That something is excellent means, according to the Tom Peters, the author of In Search of Excellence, excellence is what you should aim for. When you work for excellence, you work to achieve an optimal result that is valid and of quality. What we all understand by a good job; a job well done.

Aspiring to do a good job means that you will work the time necessary for that job to be well enough, neither more nor less. Simply the necessary time, nothing more. Once that work is done well, you will not waste time in performing unnecessary tasks that will not bring any relevant value to the result of the perfect

But, beware, not wasting time does not mean you have to neglect a job, hence the importance of excellence.

And not only that, it means doing the job with passion, with effort, with love, etc. Performing the necessary revisions and checking that everything is good enough.

How do you know if a job is good enough?

This is the million dollar question, how to know when a job is already good enough? How to know from what moment you are wasting your time.

meeting expectationsWhen it meets expectations. When you’ve done what you had to do. When you have already reviewed and verified that everything is correct. As of this moment, your work is ready to publish, deliver or whatever you have to do with it.

The moment you are doing tasks that do not add substantial value to your work, you are wasting your time. You will need a lot of time and energy to do something slightly better, without considerable input.

As I said before, everything gets better. Therefore, you can continue to invest your time in that specific job. However, if you are not providing substantial value, you are surely wasting your time.

“A job is good enough when it meets the goals set”

The 5 keys to avoid perfection

If you are focusing your life in search of perfection, it is something you can refocus. As I have mentioned in the introduction, if you are a perfectionist, I recommend that you work on it. Correcting this aspect will make you a much more productive, efficient and effective person, as well as happy.

But I could not recommend that you try to correct this aspect without giving you the keys to do so, don’t you think? So, here are some tips to stop being a person who is a perfectionist.

1. Trust yourself

Normally, people who work for perfection do not trust themselves enough . When they do a job they doubt that they are good enough. They are undecided people, who find it difficult to take the initiative.

You must speak positively, value yourself and take action. You must strive to work your ability to achieve everything you set your mind to. You must trust you.

2. Analyze your goals

To get a job done in the best way, it is essential to know what you have to do. If you are not clear about the objective you have to achieve, you will hardly work efficiently.

Once you are clear about the result you are looking for, you must establish the best way to achieve it , the shortest, the most effective, without neglecting excellence.

You should be able to analyze the situation and know how to choose the best way to do that job, the way you have to spend the least time to get the best possible result.

3. Plan your work

To not waste time and be efficient and effective, it is essential that you plan. If you set goals and you are clear about the tasks you have to do, you are much more likely to get what you set out to do. Of course, remember that planning does not mean to define absolutely all the tasks, when to do them, how to do them. 

Planning is to define, it is to be clear about the general process, what are the steps that you will have to take and in what direction, in a way You Know how to easily define the next task you have to do and what you need to do it.

You will avoid investing more time than necessary in each task, since you will be aware that more time invested in a job will be taking time for the next step.

4. Face your fears

Perfectionists tend to be blocked by their fears. What if I still have to do better? Facing them and being able to take action will help you eliminate these blockages. Having fears is normal, we all have them, but you should not allow them to paralyze you.

5. Adopt a positive attitude

It is shown that people who have a positive attitude towards life are much more likely to be successful and happy people. Having a positive attitude will make you take every adversity as an opportunity to grow, to improve yourself, to develop yourself, to learn and continue to enrich you.

If you speak positively, you will train your mind to face everything that comes your way. You will gain a lot of confidence in yourself, you will increase your self-esteem. And in the end, being positive helps you to be more productive.

How to Be Perfect

How to be perfect is not the question you should be asking. The question is how can I stop trying to chase perfection. Surely now you have much clearer that perfection does not exist. If you consider yourself a perfectionist, now you have the keys to work on it and stop being it little by little.

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