It’s Not a Mistake, It’s a Business Choice

business choice not mistakeIn the days when we seem to be able to abdicate responsibility too easily, play organizational and network politics far too skillfully there are no bad decisions just hindsight, but we must not let that deceive nor delude us.

There is a distinction between making a mistake and making a business choice. This applies to all aspect of life. Not just business.

  • It’s not a mistake to revolutionize your marketing, it’s a choice.
  • Its not a mistake to promote that person rather than the more talented, it’s a choice.
  • It’s not a mistake to tweet something abusive constituting harassment, it’s a blatant choice.
  • Its not a mistake to text whilst driving, it’s a choice.
  • Its not a mistake to pursue exceptional customer experience, it’s a choice.
  • Its not a mistake to leverage your organizations social capital, it’s a choice.
  • Its not a mistake to avoid those difficult decisions, it’s a choice.
  • And, it’s not a mistake to treat someone badly, it’s a very clear choice.

Lets get this right the mistake is the effect, the cause is the choice we made whether conscious or subconscious. When we take ownership of something, we take more responsibility for it. 

Choice is far more an accountable word than mistake. And, of course, if those same mistakes are made more than once, they are not mistakes at all are they?

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