Top 5 Questions to Ask When Searching for a Specialized Dentist

specialized dentist clinicWe all want that perfect smile. However, sometimes there are some imperfections that hold us back from our desired appearance.

Perhaps more, if you have a missing or damaged tooth, you might have been procrastinating on seeing a dentist to get that Hollywood smile you’ve always wanted.

  • What about the dentist?
  • What do you ask?
  • How do you know if they are the right dentist for you?

That’s why there are some specific questions you can ask during your dental consultation about their treatment style, services and experience. When asking these questions you’ll be more informed and come across as more knowledgeable.

“What about the dentist? What do you ask and how do you know if they are the right dentist for you?”

Ask How long they've been practicing specialized dentistry?

When a dentist graduates from dental school they are then qualified to complete most oral treatments, however some choose to specialize in more complex dental specialties such as root canals and implants. Other dentists focus on preventive care like dental crowns & fillings.

Any dentist that focuses solely on restorative dental treatment requires commitment on the dentists behalf. You should learn how much experience your prospective dentist has.

  • Do they do continuing education in restorative dentistry?
  • How long have they been working at that clinic?
  • What is their specialty?

Try to find out more about them from online through reviews and LinkedIn profile.

Ask to see results of previous patients results

specialized dentist working on dental prothesisLike most professionals, dentists also love to show their work. A lot of the before and after are online. Talk to your dentist about them, ask which one will be similar to your once complete, which procedures and materials were used.

The objective to understand what to expect, and which treatment is best for you.

Ask if the dentist works with your insurance agency? How much will the treatment cost?

Unfortunately, dental treatments can be costly. America is the second most expensive place in the world behind Singapore to get dental treatment (source). You’ll especially be paying more if you’re not taking care of your teeth regularly. That includes visiting your dentist for regular checkups along with your routine oral hygiene.

It may feel like you need to make a Hollywood star salary to get that Hollywood smile. Depending on your insurance and the coverage they may cover part of the treatment.  Make sure you talk with the dentist’s staff if they accept your insurance.

If your insurance agency doesn’t cover your treatment or you simply don’t have insurance then you can still talk to the dentist office about your options. Many offices understand that dental work can be overwhelming and are willing to work with you by breaking down the treatments and a payment plan.

Ask if the dentist is qualified to offer various dental sedation methods?

Not all dentists are qualified to provide patients with certain or more powerful dental sedation (types of dental sedation). It may not be necessary if you’re doing simple treatments.

However, if you’re doing more intensive treatments such as root canals and implants, then you should be aware if sedation is available. Many people are more sensitive to pain than others.

Ask how long will the entire process take?

There are many variables to understanding how long it will take to complete your dental treatments. There are some treatments such as bridges, crowns and partial dentures that can be done in a couple appointments. Other treatments can take longer.

There are pros and cons to working with a busy specialized dentist. On the one hand there are great dentists that are qualified and focus on restorative procedures, which lets you know they are sought after and do the type of dental treatment routinely.

On the other, they may take more time to see you again. Or only when there is an opening. Find out what the average time is to complete your treatment and how long your dentist will take to complete it.

Compare your options and make the right decision.

You should not be embarrassed to ask questions about dental health

The purpose of having a consultation is to ask questions and for the dentist to assess your current oral health. When talking about your health, no matter which part of your body, you want to get the most accurate information about timeframe, cost, treatment options, etc.

Therefore, when you ask the right questions you’ll be more informed to make the right decision.

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